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Looking for a new product development partner?

Sep 25th, 2017

If you need a partner to work with you to develop a food offer from concept to production to market Roberts of Port Dinorwic could be that first point of contact.

When you read in the press “North Wales farmers who’ve gone from angry protesters to canny businessmen” something amazing has happened.

These eight Welsh lamb producers have teamed up with Roberts of Port Dinorwic to develop and trial a range of high-quality lamb based foods for the U.K. market.

Top U.K. buyers are giving great feedback and Roberts of Port Dinorwic look forward to future new product development projects with Ffermydd Teuluol – Family Farms.

Roberts of Port Dinorwic work with:
Meat, vegetarian & vegan foods
Pre-cooked steaks
Whole joints, mini joints, sliced meats and prepared dishes
Pulled meats
Cooked & raw sausages & sausage crumb
Meatballs, marinated cooked meats & stuffings
Finished centre of plate dishes
Meat components for manufacturing
Hand finished en croute & paupiette style products
Mash topped meals
Free-from options: wheat, gluten, dairy, nuts and allergens

We work with organisations to create delicious consistently high-standard meals for their customers.

We work alongside chefs and food buyers to develop fresh, exciting new dishes, based on the research of trends and emerging cuisines.

The strength of our service is working in partnership.

Looking for a new product development partner?

Sep 25th, 2017

Eight Welsh Lamb producers have been buoyed by the success of initial taste trials for their meatball meals

A new range of lamb ready meals produced in North Wales has been given the thumbs up by some of the UK’s top food buyers.

Eight North Wales sheep farmers soon hope to be closing out deals after the success of initial trials with their partner processor, Roberts of Port Dinorwic.

If they succeed, they will have achieved a remarkable transition from fed-up farmers to astute businessmen, having been at the centre of the 2015 supermarket protests against low lamb prices.

As well as returning greater margins back into farming, by having greater control over the supply chain, they hope the venture will also help reverse the trend of declining lamb consumption in Britain.

At this summer’s Royal Welsh Show their business, Ffermydd Teuluol – Family Farms, unveiled four ready meal products – and a new brand logo.

Three were meatball-in-sauce dishes developed in collaboration with Roberts of Port Dinorwic, a major regional processor of meat products with a 10-acre site on the Menai Strait near Caernarfon.

“We were all producing high quality lamb,” said group spokesman Michael Jones, who farms at Llandygai, near Bangor.

“But to increase the volume of sales, we needed to consider how best to add value, so we investigated the processing options and market opportunities.

“Now, thanks to working with this hugely successful local company, we are optimistic about the potential to expand out on lamb flocks.

“We would also hope to provide new opportunities for other top quality PGI lamb producers throughout Wales.”

Ffermydd Teuluol first got together last year with support from Farming Connect’s Agrisop programme.

Group leader Aaron Hughes said a key motivation was falling UK lamb consumption and the fear that this would make many farms unviable.

With Agrisgôp’s involvement, the group embarked on 12 months of consumer research to better understand the mechanics of retailing PGI Welsh lamb.

Members also met retailers and processors, identifying a need for convenient lamb meal options that would appeal to modern consumers.

With help from the Food Technology Centre at Coleg Menai, Llangefni, Ffermydd Teuluol created a lamb burger product.

This was followed by three meatball products, developed with guidance from Miriam Williams, director of Roberts of Port Dinorwic, which supplies pubs, restaurants and leisure groups throughout the UK.

“That initial support through Agrisgôp was pivotal to our progress,” said Michael.

“Aaron signposted us to other support organisations and business experts which then gave us the confidence and knowledge to produce our own business plan.

“It also enabled us to tap into other subsidised Farming Connect support services such as technical advice and nutrient management planning.”

Other support was also forthcoming: rural regeneration group Conwy Cynhaliol provided grant aid for pre-commercial market research, while Cywain, the food marketing support agency, advised on branding, packaging and test trading.

Getting a contract price to trim lamb was perhaps the most important step of all, as it enabled the group to work out its margins with retailers.

For this their involvement with Roberts of Port Dinorwic was crucial.

Miriam Williams said trials of the Ffermydd Teuluol meatball products was highly promising.

“We are already having a hugely positive reaction to our trials of this new range of pre-cooked meals from a number of our top UK buyers.”

Another boost for the fledgling company came when it featured as one of the success stories of post-devolution Wales in a TV programme presented by Huw Edwards.


Roberts of Port Dinorwic are proud to be part of this success story

Sep 25th, 2017

The UK’s favourite takeaway has been revealed. According to new research by BBC Good Food, it turns out Mexican is the most loved food, beating the likes of Thai and Indian cuisines.

Of the cuisines now available in the UK, Mexican was the most popular, with over half of respondents (55.78%) saying they’ve tried, or would like to try it. Thai food came a close second (44.92%), although emerged as the most popular choice in the South East of England (52.73%).

The research also revealed that people prefer more conventional cuisines like Italian, French and Spanish, rather than attempting more adventurous choices, such as Taiwanese or Syrian.

Overall, figures from the report suggest a preference for more familiar cuisines, with almost four times as many people (20.8%) citing an increased interest in buying British as those who aren’t bothered (5.74%).

Food trends: UK’s favourite takeaway revealed

Sep 11th, 2017

The Italians held the record for the world’s longest pizza, a 1.1 mile-long margherita made in Naples.

The Americans retaliated with a 1.3 mile long pizza! It took 18 hours to cook.

We didn’t supply the toppings for either of these but we do for so many in the U.K.

Pizza topping

Sep 4th, 2017

With empty breakfast tables the food industry is winning back the millennials who are a generation on the move.

Breakfast for the survey group is driven by convenience and consumers having specific wants and not being prepared to sacrifice taste and nutrition.

On-the-go is one massive growth area for millennials as breakfast is anywhere between wake up to mid-morning.

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