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Food trends: UK’s favourite takeaway revealed

September 11th, 2017

The UK’s favourite takeaway has been revealed. According to new research by BBC Good Food, it turns out Mexican is the most loved food, beating the likes of Thai and Indian cuisines.

Of the cuisines now available in the UK, Mexican was the most popular, with over half of respondents (55.78%) saying they’ve tried, or would like to try it. Thai food came a close second (44.92%), although emerged as the most popular choice in the South East of England (52.73%).

The research also revealed that people prefer more conventional cuisines like Italian, French and Spanish, rather than attempting more adventurous choices, such as Taiwanese or Syrian.

Overall, figures from the report suggest a preference for more familiar cuisines, with almost four times as many people (20.8%) citing an increased interest in buying British as those who aren’t bothered (5.74%).

Winning the breakfast market

September 1st, 2017

With empty breakfast tables the food industry is winning back the millennials who are a generation on the move.

Breakfast for the survey group is driven by convenience and consumers having specific wants and not being prepared to sacrifice taste and nutrition.

On-the-go is one massive growth area for millennials as breakfast is anywhere between wake up to mid-morning.

Food-To-Go Growth

August 23rd, 2017

Food to go sales set to rise by a third to £23.5bn by 2022 latest reports forecast.

Specialist food to go outlets will see the greatest growth, from £5.1bn to £7.7bn. Success will be reinforced by diversification into healthier options.

Quick service restaurants are looking at steady growth. Menus are being updated and in-store technology will bring in the younger customer.

Coffee specialists are to be the 2nd fastest growing category. Breakfast is a key area for sales growth. Hot drinks will still account for 50% of purchases.

Convenience and forecourt are partnering with brands to expand the product offer. Younger demographics being targeted heavily.

Super and hypermarkets are investing heavily in their own-label ranges and branded in-store concessions.

Shoppers are shopping more frequently with smaller basket sizes and more foods to go.

Christmas food trends

August 21st, 2017

  • Food experts are predicting we will have a 1970s revival this Christmas
  • A leading reailer has already launched three black forest gateau-flavoured products
  • Includes a cherry-soaked panettone, and a venison rack covered in cocoa nibs

Experts say the flavours of black forest gâteau are set to make a huge comeback during this year’s festive season, taking us all the way back to the age of glam rock, hair metal and flared jeans.

And then the new Prosecco Turkey – officially called an Italian-Style Turkey Parcel- is a boneless turkey breast basted with Prosecco for succulence then stuffed with pork, veal and Italian herbs and topped with porcini mushroom butter and fresh sage under a crispy pancetta lattice.

Sales of Prosecco topped £500 million last year!


Proteins – we are more than just meats

August 16th, 2017

Proteins are known as the building blocks of life: In the body, they break down into amino acids that promote cell growth and repair. They also take longer to digest than carbohydrates, helping you feel fuller for longer and on fewer calories—a plus for anyone trying to lose weight. Animal products—meat, eggs and dairy—are great sources of protein.

Menus now need to cater for vegetarian, vegan, GF, free-from and a host of consumer demands without sacrificing nutritional content, the macro-nutrients.

At Roberts of Port Dinorwic the food development team have extensive skills and knowledge of working with traditional proteins such as chicken, lamb, beef, pork and game. Add to this their knowledge of new vegetarian and free-from dishes you have a great partner for your menu development.

Understanding Your Center of Plate Needs

August 14th, 2017

Roberts of Port Dinorwic offers a comprehensive variety of dishes and new product development options to meet your centre of the plate needs.

As a guide to our foods:

  • meat based
  • vegetarian
  • vegan
  • pre-cooked steaks
  • whole joints, mini joints & sliced meats / prepared dishes
  • pulled meats
  • cooked & raw sausages
  • meatballs
  • marinated cooked meats
  • stuffings
  • finished centre of plate dishes
  • meat components for manufacturing
  • hand finished en croute and paupiette style products
  • mash topped meals
  • free-from options

We work with chefs and food buyers to develop fresh, exciting new dishes, based on our research of trends and emerging cuisines.

Full Breakfast In A Jar Is A Hipster Step Too Far

August 9th, 2017

Hipsters love to Instagram their breakfasts – and they get bonus points if it’s not served on a plate. Food in a glass shoe, avocado latte………

A café in Cardiff has reached peak culinary hipster, deciding the only logical way to eat a fry-up in 2017 is from a jar!

We just hope they are serving Roberts of Port Dinorwic award winning sausages, and if they aren’t we’ll happily send them a case to try.

We’ll have our full Welsh breakfast on a plate, with a knife and fork a mug of tea/coffee please.

BRC Global Standards

August 9th, 2017

BRC Global Standards is a leading brand and consumer protection organisation, used by over 25,000 certificated suppliers over 130 countries, with certification issued through a global network of accredited certification bodies. BRC Global Standards’ guarantee the standardisation of quality, safety and operational criteria and ensure that manufacturers fulfil their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer. BRC Global Standards are now often a fundamental requirement of leading retailers, manufacturers and food service organisations.

Sandwich fillings, it’s part of the service

August 4th, 2017

On the go food has earned leading convenience retailers an extra £36m in the past year according to recent research.

Ranges have become healthier, more variety whilst fueling the demand for convenience. Sales data includes sandwiches, baguettes, sushi and prepared salads “to go” at £584m March 16/17.

If you’re a supplier looking for a protein supplier with exceptional innovation in npd and delivery excellence we may be just the partner you need to talk with. With more than 1.4 billion on the go meal items sold each year this is a serious opportunity.

New product development : thinking curries?

August 2nd, 2017

If you are thinking about adding a curry to your menu offer, from a traditional jalfrezi to a bespoke signature dish our new product development team have vast experience in developing mouth-watering curries for all tastes.

  • Data shows that one in seven curries sold in the UK is a chicken tikka masala – making it the UK’s most popular Indian dish.
  • The world’s hottest curry is believed to be the widower curry which is made with 20 infinity chillies which are exceptionally hot.
  • But according to a poll carried out by BBC Radio 2, the Nation’s Favourite British Indian curry was the Jalfrezi.
  • In the UK, we spend over £250 million a year on Indian food and is home to around 9,000 curry houses and restaurants.
  • London contains more Indian restaurants than Mumbai and Delhi combined.
  • There are two Indian restaurants to every one Chinese restaurant
  • We crave a curry mainly due to the fact that the spices arouse and stimulate the taste buds.
  • Two thirds of all takeaways in the UK are Indian food.
  • Vindaloo isn’t actually the hottest of curries – it’s Phaal, which is rarely served in Britain because of its heat.

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