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Christmas 2017 food trends

Nov 27th, 2017

It’s almost Christmas for most, in our industry it’s now all about summer 2018 and beyond. We’ve seen some great Christmas trends this year:

It’s the 1970s again with blackforest gateau flavoured pannatone and deserts. And some awesome retro canapes with mouthwatering fillings – roasted mushrooms in a Madeira cream sauce and a smoked ham with premium cheddar cheese.

Gin, gin and more gin. Gin-cured salmon, gin truffles and even gin crisps. Not forgetting gin mince tarts.

Prosecco is still our other favourite. Hand prepared turkey breast with a prosecco baste and a luxury stuffing. Or a raspberry and prosecco terrine.

Fit for a king and queen feast centre of table sumptuous roast, pies and eye-watering deserts. Think herb crusted rack of lamb, a Tudor pie with pork, cranberry and stuffing.

Meat-free for flexitarians, vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free diets.

Starting the day with an indulgent festive breakfast. Festive crumpets, mini stuffed croissants, smoked hams, butchers choice bacon and even Bloody Mary shots.

Canapes with colour have ditched the beige. Think smoked salmon marinated with beetroot, vodka and lemon juice. Or a cheesetower in bite size portions.

Convenience. Pre-prepared side dishes, a dressed roast or the complete meal for 2 in a box which cooks in an hour.

Mince pies pushing the boundaries such as gingerbread or a ginger spiced mince pie with all-butter chocolate pastry.

The Great British Bake Off has inspired creativity in the trend for cakes and deserts.

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