Inspiring great meals from prepared foods since 1924

Conference and Hospitality

For the big occasions

Conference catering and hospitality events are often big affairs, but it’s the attention to smaller details that makes them stand out. Roberts of Port Dinorwic gives you this fine-tuned quality and flair, without sacrificing on the capacity to deliver.

As your partner in conference and hospitality dining it’s important to us that you protect your reputation for excellence. Our products will fit your event, not the other way around. From staple meals to the more unusual, we work with you to create menus to remember. We ensure that every dish looks great and tastes delicious, and preserves a sense of creativity and individuality. Even when they’re quick and simple to prepare.

In fact, some of our conference and hospitality partners have won awards for their food – which has our products at its heart.

Est. 1924