Inspiring great meals from prepared foods since 1924

Our Values

With every client partnership Roberts of Port Dinorwic is committed to upholding the long-established values of the company:

Quality: Achieving the highest quality in all we do, from research and recipe development, to production processes, to nationwide distribution, and customer service.

Excellence: The commitment to excellence through the systematic and disciplined management of all our operations. We commit to the highest quality outcome in everything we do.

Ethics: Honesty, integrity and professionalism are essential to us. We apply these ethics to all we do and all we work with.

Passion: It underpins our love of food and creation of the highest quality products. Our passion for innovation is shown in our ever evolving products, factory and processes. We are passionate about our customers, our people and our heritage.

Environment & Community: We care for our environment and those who live within it.

Est. 1924