Inspiring great meals from prepared foods since 1924

What We Do

We inspire food outlets to create delicious, wholesome meals for their customers.

We do this by working alongside chefs and food buyers to develop fresh, exciting new dishes, based on our research of trends and emerging cuisines. Working to this brief we source high quality meats and produce bespoke prepared meat dishes or meal components that chefs can use to create tasty, memorable dishes.

Our product development team becomes an extension of yours, bringing new ideas to the table with a practised eye on what will be popular and enjoyed or sold in high volume. We can ride the popularity of current food trends or help you become a trend-setter with something new.

Gluten-free, dairy-free, high in nutrition or low in salt – easily cover any dietary needs.

Once the product specification is agreed, we produce it for you it to the quantities and timescales you require.

Our partners appreciate that we treat every relationship in the strictest confidence. That’s why you won’t find client logos and testimonials on this website.

Est. 1924